Sunday 19 August 2012

Food in Hungary

Shopping for food in Hungary can be time consuming for two reasons. The first is that everything is in Hungarian. So it takes a bit of initial guesswork as to what is in the packaging before some common words become known. Not that many people are fluent in English either, so my attempts to find pegs, despite using pictures of them on washing powder packets to show the assistant, took several days and shops.

There are a lot of differents kinds of bread rolls and flavoured buns to select from. The fruit is lovely and colourful and I even found strawberries yesterday. This is a picture of the watermelon that are normally on offer! They're huge. My foot is there for scale. A bit of searching is necessary to find mini watermelon.

We tried a meal at the onsite restaurant at our Csilleberci accommodation one night. Since then though we have either eaten out elsewhere or cooked in Rob and Marquita's campervan.

The other night I eagerly awaited my ordered sirloin only to get what was more schnitzel-thickness with a huge pile of fried onion, with fried potatoes and token salad of two multicoloured slices of capsicum. It was tasty but not what I was expecting.

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