Friday 24 August 2012

Sunday 19th

This is a very important day. It's Caleb's birthday. Happy birthday my boy!

I took this photo of a lovely valley with village houses while I was out on a training map following a course that we had set ourselves. I had to stop and take a photo when I saw this view. Sorry I can't remember the name of the area.

As has been the case here near Veszprem, it has been very hot with over 30 degrees C during the day and singlet wearing temps in the evening. Hotter than our precious week in Budapest.

After a swim back at 'home' at the lake and accreditation at the Event Centre and collection of the model map, we headed to the model map at Soly to check it out. A SI course had been set up for 2 hours with a proper start chute too. So I started to feel that the racing was getting closer with my first event the next day - long distance qualifying (a previous post covers this).

I was pleased to be able to test my new SI card here before the race the next day.

There was a camera out on the course and you can see me ride by wearing my white, blue and orange URS cycling gear, just in front of Rob in his NZ gear. That's at about 1min 30sec into the model event video at

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