Monday 20 August 2012

Monday training

On Monday 13th we started using the local training maps around near where we were staying in Budapest. It started on the boundary of our accommodation campus near the children's railway (will post separately about that). The forest is lovely to ride through. It was quite hilly (apparently more hilly than our races next week) but it was great to be riding and focussing on route choice. We had a set time period in which to complete the course since control flags had been placed out on the course for us to find. No punching of clipcard or sport-ident card (electronic card) though.

My main purpose on these maps is to sharpen my navigation. We were out probably for more than an hour. I didn't really check the time. One of the route choices was up a hill and I decided to go round it via mostly sealed roads. I was rewarded with this view as I headed out of the forest into residential.

Our accommodation is on the hilly side of Budapest, called Buda, or the Buda side of the Danube River.

Despite the initial rear fork damage that has been temporarily repaired, my bike has gone well. The slime-filled inner tubes that Hedgehog Bikes in Tauranga gave me to protect against the thorns encountered at the weekends races and coming up, have performed well - no punctures. My new bike shoes from Hedgehog Bikes that I had to get prior to leaving because 2 weeks earlier the sole of mine came off; are also performing well. I like the tightening buckle on them, which my others didn't have.

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