Friday 24 August 2012

Saturday 18th training

We headed to Veszprem (about a 20 min journey) and rode on a training map near the Veszprem zoo. It was a forested park area that I guess the locals go for a walk through. In the middle of the trees away from the parking lot there was a clearing with some small soccer goals. I wondered how many people would go out to play there.

We were riding our own course on this map just to investigate some of the mapping and how white forest, 50% yellow, 100% yellow, track width and rideability were mapped, to get a good idea for the actual race maps.

On the way back to the car near the Athlete Village/Event Centre we stopped at a the cafe to the left for lunch. The clock tower in the background chimed on the hour but then continued on with a tune.

I think the long distance final finishes in this square on Sat 25th.

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