Friday 24 August 2012

Wednesday 15th in Budapest - city tour

Once in Budapest, we bought a ticket to one of the double decker open top hop on hop off buses and did a tour of the sights complete with english commentary.

We hopped off for an extended period of time to go on a 1.5 hour walking tour through the central city (Pest). It was fascinating to learn of the history, politics, war, currency and life of Hungary over the years, as we passed by buildings, statues and parks of significance.

The buildings are probably standard European style but for me they all new since I haven't been to Europe before. So clicking the camera I have been doing.

Here is St Stephens Basilica. It's 96m high (the same height as the Parliament buildings) to commemorate 896 AD when the Magyar people first inhabited Budapest. No other building is allowed to be higher. No sky scrapers for Budapest then.

That evening I did a small ride on part of the sprint map around the campus where we were staying.

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