Thursday 9 August 2012

The London Olympics

Arrived from Singapore at 5.15am into London. So what's a sports-loving person meant to do while waiting for a 2220 flight to Budapest? Feeling somewhat rested I took the tube to Hyde Park's Live Olympic Zone. I arrived before it opened at 11am so I explored some of the nearby streets from the monopoly board. Lot of fancy hotels nearby being used by Olympic VIPs too.

There's 4 big screens with live sport. Watched two Tauranga athletes there, Newdick in decathlon and Burling win silver. Lots of activities there including Cadbury's joyville - with a 2 hr wait to get in!

Headed back to airport early afternoon for a much awaited shower and rest.

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  1. Amanda, Bob and I are stoked that you made it out of the airport and even happier that you made it back for your flight! Glad you're there in one piece!