Saturday 25 August 2012

Opening Ceremony

OK now that I'm up to date with the past weeks activities back to the World Champs event itself.

On Tuesday evening we had the Opening Ceremony and sprint event prize giving for the Elite and Junior races. Firstly Marquita and I marched down the street in our NZ shirts behind the NZ flag in country order alphabetically. We entered the university hall and found a seat.

They had some pre event entertainment. First up was a local singer who had been a contestant in the Hungarian sing for the stars or Hungarian Idol equivalent. Then we had a series of Hungarian dances with the men doing their thigh and boot slapping and the women twirling. The world champion Latin American local dancing team did a few dances too. The official speeches by various dignitaries were unexpectedly short.

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  1. Loving your blogs. It's a very long time since we were in Hungary but still have good memories. Keep the blogs coming and all the best for the races. Sam