Thursday 23 August 2012

Tuesday 14th training

OK, so back to last weeks training. On Tuesday we had SI training. SI stands for sport ident and is the electronic system that we use to register our visit to each control and will provide at the end, not only the total time to the finish but the split times between controls. We will be using this system in each of our races. Our SI cards must be connected to our bikes so we visit each control without abandoning our bikes. We attach them with a 'zinger' which is a stationery item used for security cards that zips out and recoils. The zinger is taped and cabled tied to our bikes.

So we had a pleasant but hilly ride through the Budapest forested area with adjacent open areas including a glider airstrip (that was out of bounds and we had to bike around). There were no gliders that day.

The yellow open areas weren't coloured as we will expect on the World maps so I had to get my head around that. I was fairly happy with my route choices and riding. We climbed to the near the top of a large hill but the best route wasn't actually to the top so I missed what would have been a great view.

I dont have any photos from that training day but here is a piccie of where I was staying with typical local trees that we've been riding through. This is looking towards the reception building where we went to get wifi.

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