Friday 24 August 2012

Thursday 16th

We did another SI card training on a map adjacent to where we had competed on the previous Sat and Sun near Erd.

I had a good ride and nav but I was momentarily disorientated by a significant unmarked track. Something that wasn't going to be the only time in the days to come.

I also was trying to punch more without stopping and dismounting from my bike. This was going well until a couple of times I just felt my SI card wasn't responding as fast as other peoples. There are newer cards that register more quickly in the SI box and Michael had one (he has a business in NZ that sells them, - worldwide service!) so I bought a new one.

That evening we had dinner out with the Australians and British and Swedish athlete, Ceci, at a restaurant in the Budapest suburb of Normafa, walking distance from 'home'. Afterwards we went to check out this local castle. Unfortunately it had closed at 8pm so I didn't get to look inside.

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