Friday 24 August 2012

Saturday 18th night & happy birthday

The most important thing about Sat night 18th was that I had a skype appointment at 9.15pm with my son who was waking up back home to his 8th birthday. Happy birthday Caleb. Sorry that Mummy is missing this one. I hope you had a great day and that you were spoilt by the family back home.

Fortunately the restaurant we were at had free wifi (as many do here - they call it 'wee fee') so I could video call the family on my phone with the local village square live music festival in the background. I could show them around a bit, including the church twin steeples in the photo.

We had gone to investigate the peninsula on Lake Balaton and had dinner at a restaurant near Tihany. This is a photo of the nearby Abbey Church. It can be seen on the skyline from our campground.

Restaurant food is reasonably priced here with the exchange rate. The currency is Hungarian forint and 1000 ft is about NZ$6. A main meal with meat and extras of potato and salad will cost about 3000 ft.

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